OPEC Manipulating Oil Prices to Crash US Shale Market

Via Bloomberg:

OPEC policy on crude production will ensure a crash in the U.S. shale industry, a Russian oil tycoon said.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries kept output targets unchanged at a meeting in Vienna today even after this year’s slump in the oil price caused by surging supply from U.S shale fields.

American producers risk becoming victims of their own success. At today’s prices of just over $70 a barrel, drilling is close to becoming unprofitable for some explorers, Leonid Fedun, vice president and board member at OAO Lukoil (LKOD), said in an interview in London.

“In 2016, when OPEC completes this objective of cleaning up the American marginal market, the oil price will start growing again,” said Fedun, who’s made a fortune of more than $4 billion in the oil business, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. “The shale boom is on a par with the dot-com boom. The strong players will remain, the weak ones will vanish.”


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CNN Admits to Censoring Violent Footage to Make Ferguson Riots Appear More Peaceful

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Late Tuesday night two CNN reporters in Ferguson, Missouri, Jason Carroll and Don Lemon spoke about not reporting on certain elements of the crowds protesting and rioting because the reporters said they did not fit the agenda of peaceful supporters of the Brown family.

The crowds were protesting the grand jury decision to not indict police officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting of robber Michael Brown.

Tuesday night in Ferguson saw reporters robbed and carjacked at gunpoint, but those reports didn’t make it on air by other reporters with an agenda to protect the reputation of the protesters.

It appears CNN is not alone in censoring reports on the Ferguson protests. A Google News search shows no reports on the carjacking. Outside of The Gateway Pundit and Twitchy, the local Riverfront Times was the only media outlet Tuesday night to report on the armed attacks on reporters.

Speaking in the 10 p.m. CST hour on CNN, Jason Carroll spoke about his decision to censor his on scene reporting in Ferguson. Host Don Lemon discussed the decision with Carroll and agreed:

Transcript by CNN

LEMON: Jason, I want to ask you something because, you know, there are people were talking to you. Of course, we don’t want profanity or expletives on television if we could avoid them. But what’s the sentiment? What were those men saying to you, the protesters?

CARROLL: They were angry. I don’t want to give them the publicity to be honest. It is really — I mean, people, certain people have an agenda that’s separate from what some of the protesters, who are peaceful, who are coming out here, trying to demonstrate on behalf of Michael Brown’s family.

Those people who came up to us that was not their agenda so I don’t think it’s really worth giving them publicity. I think it’s far more important to focus on what is happening out here, those who are passionate about Michael Brown’s family. Those were passionate about Darren Wilson and his belief.

In terms of the police response, that’s what we are dealing with here, right now, trying to get a handle on the situation. Again, earlier tonight, it was a different tone. Much more peaceful than what we had seen, the previous night. It was a smaller group tonight by and large.

Most of the people who came out here tonight were peaceful. It was definitely a smaller group that they broke off in front of the Ferguson Police Department, came up the street, South Florissant, to where we are now.

Tried to overturn this police cruiser and as soon as police came in, they stopped. They tried to set it on fire. Once again, Don, much more aggressive response that we saw, quicker response tonight to try to make sure they didn’t see a repeat of (inaudible).

LEMON: So, Jason, my question was really, these are, wondering if these are people who want their voices to be heard or if these were just people who are agitators. You are right. If it is people who are agitators then you don’t want to give them any more publicity. There are many people there who just want their voices heard. Those, those guys are not those people, correct?

CARROLL: That is correct. Absolutely. Those are the kind of people — as you know, you get a mixed bag sometimes in these groups of demonstrators. But most of the people who are out here are out here because — they want to voice their support for Michael Brown and his family.

Those who came up to us, those were not those people, they had a different agenda. So that’s why I feel as though it’s really not worth getting into what their agenda was. It’s not important.

What’s important is those people who were out here in support of Michael Brown or those people who are maybe sitting at home and support the officer Darren Wilson. It’s I think what the community is going to have to grapple with going forward.

It’s finding a way to bring those two camps together with a backdrop of dealing with things like we are looking at right now.


Emails Show DOJ Regularly Coordinates Talking Points with Media Matters

Via the Daily Caller:

Internal Department of Justice emails obtained by The Daily Caller show Attorney General Eric Holder’s communications staff has collaborated with the left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America in an attempt to quell news stories about scandals plaguing Holder and America’s top law enforcement agency.

Dozens of pages of emails between DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers show Schmaler, Holder’s top press defender, working with Media Matters to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals. TheDC obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request.


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Amnesty Recipients Will be Eligible to Receive Welfare and Entitlements

Via the Washington Post:

Under President Obama’s new program to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, many of those affected will be eligible to receive Social Security, Medicare and a wide array of other federal benefits, a White House official confirmed.

In his speech on Thursday night, the president touted his plan as a means of bringing accountability to a broken system.

“We’re going to offer the following deal: If you’ve with been in America more than five years. If you have children who are American citizens or illegal residents. If you register, pass a criminal background check and you’re willing to pay your fair share of taxes, you’ll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation,” he said. “You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law.”

For those who work, that includes payroll taxes, also known as FICA taxes, because they are collected under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. They are usually split between employer and employee and include 12.4 percent collected to pay for Social Security, as well as 2.9 percent to pay for Medicare.

Current federal law holds that people who pay those taxes and are deemed “lawfully present” in the United States can collect benefits under those programs when they become eligible. They may also receive survivors and disability benefits.

“If they pay in, they can draw,” White House spokesman Shawn Turner said by email.

He noted, however, that the estimated 5 million immigrants granted protection from deportation will not be eligible for other federal benefits, such as student financial aid, food stamps and housing subsidies. Nor are they eligible to purchase health insurance through the federal health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act.



Report Proves White House Attempted to Manipulate Media Coverage of ‘Fast & Furious’

Via BizPac Review:

Given a few more days to peruse the thousands of pages of newly released documents related to the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson said she has uncovered attempts by the Obama administration to manipulate news coverage.

Emails show that administration officials were especially concerned about Fox News.

Attkisson documented a telling exchange between Attorney General Eric Holder’s top press aide, Tracy Schmaler, and White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz on how to spin the media.

This is how the conversation went, according to her website:

[Schmaler to Schultz]
“I’ve talked to NYT, NBC and NPR —gave them all this. NBC not likely to go. Still waiting on other two.” [Note: Then, the documents redact the ‘points’ Schmaler actually sent to the news outlets. That is public information that should not be redacted.]

[Schultz to Schmaler]
Any way we can fix Fox?

The administration released 42,000 pages of “Fast and Furious” documents Tuesday after Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Attkisson drew attention Thursday to a damning email between the two officials that appeared to prove the administration was trying to shut her down for being “out of control,” as Schmaler described her. The former CBS reporter has for years been doggedly pursuing the gun-running scandal.

Attkisson also uncovered a document that shows Holder may have been advised to lie.

An adviser, Matthew Miller, told the attorney general to “say that you don’t recall reading [briefings] or being aware of Fast & Furious at any time before early this year,” Attkisson reported. Holder seems to have followed the advice, because that is precisely what he did.

Obama Regime Seeks to Flood Military with Illegal Alien Recruits

Via The Hill:

The Pentagon is working on ways to begin enlisting people with family members who could be living in the country illegally.

The current Pentagon policy is that those with undocumented parents or other family members cannot enlist in the military, but the military is assessing its options in the wake of President Obama’s executive actions.

“We are working with the Department of Homeland Security to evaluate our options,” Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said Friday at a press briefing.

Obama on Thursday announced actions to grant legal status and work permits to as many as 5 million immigrants in the U.S.

Under the plan, parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents could apply for work permits and deferred deportation. The president is also expanding eligibility for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which those brought to the U.S. illegally as children to work or go to school for two years.

 The Pentagon currently has a program, known as Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, or MAVNI, which allows only certain, legal non-citizens to enlist, such as those with critical language and culture skills.

Enlisting through the MAVNI program would expedite citizenship processing and bypass a lengthy Green Card process.

MAVNI was expanded on Sept. 25 to include those who were eligible for DACA, or those with non-legal status, but the department left it up to the military services to review and implement the new changes.

Warren said there were 25,000 documented non-citizens who serve in the military, and about 5,000 enlist every year.

“Since September of 2001 more than 92,750 men and women have become citizens while wearing the uniform of the United States military,” Warren said.

Documents Prove White House, DOJ Targeted Attkisson for ‘Fast & Furious’ Coverage

Via Town Hall:

A Department of Justice document dump to government watchdog Judicial Watch, made public yesterday, shows former DOJ Spokeswoman and Holder Flack Tracy Schmaler talking to the White House about “out of control” investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson was covering Operation Fast and Furious for CBS News at the time.

An email was sent by Schmaler to White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz on October 4, 2011 and shows she planned to call Attkisson’s editor and longtime CBS anchor Bob Scheiffer to get a handle on her reporting.

Emails also show Schultz responding to Schmaler with, “Good. Her [Attkisson] piece was really bad for the AG.”

The specific story by Attkisson that Schmaler and Schultz are referring to was about memos showing Holder was briefed about Operation Fast and Furious nearly one year before he claimed he’d heard about the program under oath in front of Congress in May 2011.

Keep in mind that in 2011, when this email exchange occurred, the White House had denied any discussion about Operation Fast and Furious with the Department of Justice. This email not only proves they were jointly targeting Attkisson, but working together to mitigate the scandal. At one point during her pursuit of Fast and Furious Attkisson was screamed at by Schultz, who used profanity, over the phone.


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DHS to Ignore Various Serious Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens

Via the Washington Examiner:

The Department of Homeland Security has just released new “Policies for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Undocumented Immigrants.” Designed to fill in the details after President Obama’s announcement that at least four million currently illegal immigrants will be given work permits, Social Security numbers and protection from deportation, the DHS guidelines are instructions for the nation’s immigration and border security officers as they administer the president’s directive.

The new priorities are striking. On the tough side, the president wants U.S. immigration authorities to go after terrorists, felons, and new illegal border crossers. On the not-so-tough side, the administration views convicted drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, and gun offenders as second-level enforcement priorities. An illegal immigrant could spend up to a year in prison for a violent crime and still not be a top removal priority for the Obama administration.


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Pentagon Covered Up Failed Ransom Attempt for Bergdahl

Via the Washington Times:

The Pentagon is under fire for making a ransom payment to an Afghan earlier this year as part of a failed bid to win the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, according to U.S. officials.

Sgt. Bergdahl was released in May after nearly five years in captivity as part of a controversial exchange for five terrorists held at the U.S. military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The ransom payment was first disclosed by Rep. Duncan Hunter in a Nov. 5 letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Mr. Hunter stated in the letter that Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) made the payment covertly as part of a release deal. But the money was stolen by the Afghan intermediary claiming to represent the Haqqani terrorist network.


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Coincidence: Amnesty Announcement Coincides with Mexican Revolution

Via the Gateway Pundit:

Obama will announce his Executive Amnesty Plan tonight.

Today is National Revolution Day in Mexico

The Mexican Revolution, began on November 20, 1910, and continued for a decade. The United States, Mexico’s northern neighbor, was significantly affected by the human dislocation that resulted: if someone did not want to fight, the only alternative was to leave the country—and over 890,000 Mexicans did just that by legally emigrating during the second decade of the 20th century.

The Obama administration and minions in the media insist President Reagan also used executive amnesty to allow illegals in the country.

As Rush Limbaugh explained, “This is a bald-faced flat-out lie.”

Ronald Reagan signed a piece of legislation. It was the Simpson-Mazzoli Act. It was 1986. Congress debated and passed a law to grant amnesty to three million illegal immigrants, and Reagan signed it. — Obama is passing amnesty without Congressional legislation.