Latest Polls Show Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose the FCC’s Internet Takeover

Via the Progressive Policy Institute:

According to a survey conducted over the weekend by Hart Research Associates, a leading
Democratic polling firm, the American people by a wide margin oppose President Obama’s plan to
regulate the Internet. Moreover, they overwhelmingly believe that the Federal Communications
Commission should make the plan available to the public before any vote. Among the key findings:
56% of Americans do not believe that the government should take a stronger and more active
role in overseeing and regulating the Internet
Only 33% favor such government action 53% of Americans believe that it would be harmful for the FCC to do what President Obama has requested and regulate the Internet using the same authority it has used to regulate telephone service.
Only 32% believe taking that step would be helpful.
79% of Americans believe that the exact wording and the details of the plan to regulate the Internet should be made public before the FCC votes on it. Only 13% of Americans oppose making the plan’s exact language public prior to the vote.
Only 9% of Americans believe that the FCC should pass the proposed regulations as they currently stand.
85% support either delaying the vote until the full plan is made public or oppose any new regulations.

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