Democrats Cut Benefits for Military

Via Townhall:

“Harry Reid screwed this up all year long and President Obama and now Republicans are going along with the screwing of the military. I do not know why we bother to win elections when we turn around and screw the people we campaign on,” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt said on his show last night after an interview with Republican Senator Jim Inhofe.

Yesterday the lame-duck Senate released its detailed plan for the National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation cuts the pay raise for the military, imposes caps on basic housing allowance and imposes co-pays on prescription drugs totaling $5 billion in overall cuts.

When asked to explain the reasoning behind the cuts, especially when the federal government funds so much nonsense, the best Inhofe could come up with in the interview was, “We need a bill.” Inhofe sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

As Hewitt points out during the interview, these cuts directly affect the men and women coming home from overseas who are experiencing PTSD and dealing with severe injuries. These cuts also directly impact their families right before Christmas time. It should be noted that the rate of severe injuries like lost limbs have skyrocketed under President Obama, and since 2009 the extreme injury rate for our troops in Afghanistan has gone up by 500 percent according to Further, 22 military veterans and active duty soldiers commit suicide every day. 


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