Satellite Data Further Confirms CO2 Does Not Regulate Temperature Changes

Via C3 Headlines:

Satellite temperatures co2 global warming control knob thermostat oct2014 110614

This chart plots the global warming trends versus CO2 growth trends over a wide variety of time periods (last 30 years through the last 10 years, as of 10/31/2014).

As one can easily discern, while CO2 growth is exploding up, global temperature trends are collapsing over the same time.

In essence, the warming temperature trends have decelerated into cooling trends.

Visually, it is clear that modern CO2 growth has affected temperatures contrary to the predictions of the IPCC and AGW alarmists. In fact, the correlation between the CO2 and temp trends is negative.

Simply put, the trace gas CO2 does not regulate temperature; it does not act like a control knob or thermostat; and the greater growth in CO2 levels has not caused accelerated, dangerous warming.

Those are the stubborn facts. And it does not matter how many IPCC climate “experts” claim that CO2 is a ‘control knob’ or how many computer virtual simulations predict future dangerous temperatures based on CO2 being a ‘regulator.’ The climate reality of satellite empirical evidence falsifies those wildly speculative claims.


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