Tech Companies Slow Down Internet to Protest Lack of Government Control of the Internet, Demand Subsidies

Via Human Events:


Then there’s the Tech World – by and large a subset of the Left.  These people should certainly know better about government sloth and general incompetence damaging their industry – likely the nation’s and the worlds fastest moving and best.

But the Tech World has thus far remained steadfastly impervious to facts.  Or they – like the Left’s leadership – have an agenda all their own.

How else to explain this?

Large US Tech Firms Plan ‘Go Slow’ Day in Protest over Net Neutrality Rules

On Wednesday, these Internet companies will protest the federal government not unilaterally power grabbing “enough” authority over the Internet.  And to demonstrate their upset with this lack of government control – they are mock slowing down their sites.

Get that?  To protest the Internet staying exactly the same as it’s always been – basically government-free – they will dramatically alter the Internet.

And get this – they are slowing the Web to demand more government Web imposition.  Which if they get their wish will inexorably lead to a dramatically slower Web.

What’s the government track record on fast?  Department of Motor Vehicles, anyone?


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