UK Government Employees Will Not Face Disciplinary Action for Ignoring Muslim Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Via the Independent:

No-one responsible for children’s safeguarding in Rotherham during the 16-year period when more than 1,400 young people were abused will face disciplinary action despite the mounting public anger over the scandal, the chief executive of the council has confirmed.

Martin Kimber told an emotionally charged public cabinet meeting in the South Yorkshire town that there was insufficient evidence to refer any individuals to their professional bodies for misconduct or malpractice inquiries.

Amid calls from the public gallery for the entire council to resign and angry shouts of protest from some councillors and members of the public, Mr Kimber once again publicly backed his director of children’s services, Joyce Thacker, and said no serving member of staff was to blame.

But he called on other local authorities to consider the role played by former senior officers who had now left the council. Last week The Independent revealed that at least three figures employed during the period now held high-ranking positions at other local authorities.

Mr Kimber responding to the report said that because the evidence provided to the Jay inquiry was anonymous he was not able to identify any information implicating individual council officials’ past or present although he said this situation would remain under review. The council did not have the power to question retired or former members of staff, he added.


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