IRS Paying Workers Millions per Year to Conduct Union Business

Via the Washington Times:

The Internal Revenue Service continues to keep Congress, or least the House half of it, busy with investigations into the harassment of the Tea Party and how email evidence of IRS abuse mysteriously disappears. The dogs are eating a lot of the homework at the IRS. The emails that can be found reveal the partisanship of IRS officials who refer to Republicans as “crazies.”

It’s the stuff of a low-budget spy thriller, but the agency’s biggest game is being played right out in the open. Taxpayers are paying an army of IRS agents to work full time to elect more Democrats.

It’s all disguised, of course. The IRS offers government salaries, office space and equipment to representatives of the National Treasury Employees Union, and last week the deputy commissioner of the IRS reported to the House Ways and Means Committee that these IRS employees spent 573,319 hours in 2012 working on union business. That’s the equivalent of 286 full-time employees doing nothing but union work.

These employees charged $687,400 in travel to the taxpayers. In May 2012, for one example, union stewards flew at taxpayer expense to Las Vegas for union “training.” These “training” events, put on by the union, are expensive. In 2010 an IRS “training” convention cost $4.1 million. “Instructional” videos, parodies of “Star Trek” episodes, were created to “instruct” agency employees. The union naturally wants greater benefits, bigger salaries and more handsome bonuses, and somebody has to lobby Congress to get them. So Congress pays the union to do it.


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