Report: Obama Regime May Still be Secretly Conducting Airstrikes in Iraq

Via Yahoo News:

The state of affairs in Iraq remains clouded amidst conflicting reports that the United States has launched air strikes, is planning future air strikes, or is simply making humanitarian drops to besieged religious minority groups in the northern part of the country.

 Minutes after several reports surfaced that the United States had conducted airstrikes in Iraq against forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the Pentagon denied the story.

A spokesman for the Kurdish armed forces said that U.S. aircraft had bombed two targets in Northern Iraq.

“F-16s first entered Iraqi airspace on a reconnaissance mission and are now targeting Daash (ISIL) in Gwer and in the Sinjar region,” Holgard Hekmat told AFP.

The New York Times, citing a Kurdish television report, said the U.S. military had bombed at least two targets in northern Iraq, where insurgents had isolated tens of thousands of religious minorities. A McClatchy news report cited a resident in Kalak who said she saw aircraft overhead, and heard  explosions coming from behind ISIL lines.

Rear Admiral John Kirby quickly used the social media site Twitter to deny the claims.


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