California Attacks Private College for Admitting Too Many Veterans

Imagine if they had been banned the college from admitting more poor minorities…

Via Campus Reform:

San Diego’s University of Phoenix (UoP) campus has been banned by California regulators from admitting veterans to seven university programs after auditors found the college guilty of improperly targeting veterans.

According to a state order uncovered by The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), the University of Phoenix was told “not to enroll any additional students in the programs that violate the 85/15 ratio.”’

“UOP shall not enroll any veterans/eligible persons in the aforementioned programs..”   

The 85/15 ratio is a federal regulation that stipulates that no college shall approve enrollment for a course in which 85 percent of students “[have] all or part of their tuition, fees or other charges paid for them by the educational institution or [the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs].”

A July 9th letter from Education Specialist Dan Yonovitz confirmed the ban on veteran enrollment.


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