Tucson Councilman Wants to Give Cops Authority to Seize Guns from People Without Due Process

Via the Arizona Daily Star:

Councilman Steve Kozachik wants to give Tucson police the ability to take away suspects’ guns if a judge deems that they pose a threat to others or themselves.

Right now, police can’t confiscate guns even if they consider a suspect dangerous, Kozachik said.

Kozachik wants to change that.

“I want the police to be able to petition a judge to seize someone’s guns if they pose a danger,” Kozachik said. “Once a guy goes through the system and the mental health professionals sign off that’s he’s no longer a threat” then the person can get his guns back.

He said it’s an important tool for police and the judicial system to have at their disposal to prevent a future mass shooting.

“After every gun tragedy, everybody says somebody should have known to stop it,” Kozachik said. “Police and the judicial system ought to be able to seize their guns to prevent a tragedy from happening.”

He said police wouldn’t trample anybody’s rights because it would require a judge’s assent before anyone’s guns are taken.

Kozachik is waiting for an opinion from the City Attorney’s Office before placing it on a future agenda.


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