Dem Rep Convicted of Sexual Assault Refuses to Resign – Media Silent

Via The Boston Globe:

What is Carlos Henriquez waiting for?

The clock is ticking on his opportunity to show that he cares about the interests of the people of the Fifth Suffolk District.

It’s been nearly a week now since the Dorchester lawmaker was convicted of assaulting a woman who had dared to refuse to have sex with him. She was a college student who met him working on a class project; somehow she ended up assaulted and stranded on the side of the road at 4 a.m. after jumping out of his car. Henriquez didn’t testify or make any statement after the verdict.

A judge sentenced him to six months in the Suffolk County House of Correction with the words, “When a woman tells you she doesn’t want to have sex, that means she does not want to have sex.”

When someone asked me shortly after conviction what would happen next, I blithely replied that there would be a special election. I simply took for granted that Henriquez would resign, setting the stage for choosing a replacement. Every politician who isn’t Chuck Turner quits upon conviction, and some leave even before they are tried. Even fallen pols understand that you can’t effectively perform any part of the job from a jail cell.

Why does it matter? Because as important business is looming, his district is effectively without representation. Yes, his staff is still on the job, ostensibly to perform constituent services. But that is less than half the job of a state representative. And they can’t even do that effectively without a boss they are working on behalf of and speaking for. Make no mistake, his constituents are now voiceless on Beacon Hill. It’s utterly intolerable.

Henriquez’s attorney, Stephanie Soriano-Mills said Tuesday that her client has not said whether he will resign. “His major concern is that his constituents are represented and making sure that the business of the House moves forward without distraction,” she said


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