Dan Rather Still Insists ‘Rathergate’ was True

Via Mediaite:

Former CBS newsman Dan Rather is in a unique position to tackle the issues surrounding 60 Minutes following its erroneous Benghazi report, and on Piers Morgan‘s show Monday night, Rather explained what he says is the key difference between his report and Lara Logan‘s: his story was true.

Rather echoed points made in Mediaite’s defense of Logan: that it’s very easy to blame the correspondent (being the face of the reporter) and forget that there are people working on these reports behind the scenes who are deserving of similar scrutiny, and that any judgment of Logan’s journalistic bona fides should take her entire career into account, and not just this one incident.

As for his report on George W. Bush‘s national guard service, Rather claimed that there was a big difference between the fallout from his and Logan’s reports.

“With our story, the one that led to our difficulty, no question the story was true. What the complaint… was ‘Okay, your story was true, but where you got to the truth was flawed.’”


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