Democrats Already Using ‘Shutdown’ to Quietly Ram Amnesty Bill Through Congress

Via Politico:

House Democrats are planning on releasing their comprehensive immigration reform bill on Wednesday, according to a Democratic aide.

Key Democratic lawmakers in the chamber — including Nancy Pelosi, the top House Democrat; Xavier Becerra of California, and Congressional Hispanic Caucus chairman Ruben Hinojosa — have been working on a comprehensive piece of legislation in recent weeks.

In writing their bill, House Democrats are taking the Senate Gang of Eight bill, but erasing controversial border-security provisions known as the Corker-Hoeven amendment. In its place, Democrats are inserting a bipartisan border-security bill that passed the House Homeland Security Committee in May.

The Democrats are planning on rolling out the legislation at noon.

The New Democrat Coalition — a group of more moderate lawmakers in the caucus — are expected to play a major role with the House Democrats’ immigration strategy. Another congressional aide said Tuesday that New Democrats such as Joe Garcia of Florida, Suzan DelBene of Washington, Joaquin Castro of Texas and Jared Polis of Colorado will help lead the effort.


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