White House Instructs Cabinet Members to Push Obamacare During Commencement Speeches

Via the Washington Times:

It is that time of year again: graduation gowns, mortarboards, mixed feelings, a few hangovers and daunting final bills for parents. Yes, it is college graduation time.

But the 2013 crop gets a little bonus this year, at least those who have commencement day speakers hailing from the Obama administration.

Though $8 million has been given to the major PR firm Weber Shandwick to market “Obamacare” to a confused public, President Obama hopes to counter any chance that America will buy into Republican uneasiness over the implementation and hidden costs of health care reform.

“To counter the criticism, the White House has told all Cabinet members and senior officials to use commencement speeches to drive home for graduating college students and their parents the benefits they gain from a provision of the law that allows young adults to stay on their family’s insurance plans until they turn 26,” says a Bloomberg report.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi got an early start on Thursday, praising the new insurance availability for mid-20-somethings.

“That’s a big thing for a young person coming out of school. We just think it’s really going to be liberating,” the California Democrat said during her daily press briefing.


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