Democrat ‘Pork’ Amendments Triples Hurricane Sandy Relief Costs

Via Breitbart:

Today, in an attempt to peel off enough Senate Republicans to prevent a filibuster of their omnibus Hurricane Sandy reimbursement bill, which is simply packed with spending giveaways, Senate Democrats began offering wavering Republicans pork goodies for their states. HR Amendment No. 3395 contains several handwritten notes that broaden the Hurricane Sandy relief bill to include coverage for other hurricanes, including Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Isaac; dumping in a rewritten version of a bill by Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) to construct levees in North Dakota; and jumping hundreds of million of dollars in particular areas.

Read it Here:

Amendment 3395

It’s just the latest attempt by Democrats to pay off Republicans to ram through legislation that helps run the country into the ground financially. Originally, estimates of damage due to Hurricane Sandy clocked in at approximately $20 billion; the current bill proposes $60 billion, including spending on bloated monstrosities like Head Start.


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