Chrysler Forced to Re-Hire Workers Fired For Getting Drunk, Stoned on Job

Via Fox News-Detroit:

DETROIT (WJBK) -Two years ago Fox 2 Problem Solver Rob Wolchek got a tip from someone inside Chrysler’s  Jefferson North Assembly plant about what some workers were doing at the park on their lunch break.

For several days our TV crews followed some of these workers.

When we showed the video to executives from Chrysler they were embarrassed.  The company had just been bailed out by the government and president Obama stood on the floor of the very same plant just a few months earlier. Obama said he believed in the workers and that he believed in Chrysler.

Chrysler was trying to remake its image and the activity in video we recorded certainly didn’t fit the “Imported from Detroit” campaign.

Chrysler suspended two workers and fired thirteen others.

Their cases ended up in arbitration and the arbitrator sided with the fired workers. They came back to work this week.

And now this statement from the auto maker:

“Chrysler Group LLC acknowledges the reinstatement of a number of employees  from the Jefferson North assembly plant who were  discharged from the company in September 2010 after  appearing in a local TV station’s story about their off-duty conduct.”While the company does not agree with the ultimate decision of the arbitrator, we respect the grievance  procedure process as outlined in the collective bargaining  agreement and our relationship with the UAW.  Unfortunately,  the company was put in a very difficult position because of the way the story was investigated and ultimately revealed to  the public.  These employees from Jefferson North have been off work for more than two years.  The time has come to put  this situation behind us and resume our focus on building quality products that will firmly establish Chrysler Group’s  position in the marketplace.”


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