North Carolina Man Brags About Voting for Obama Multiple Times



Facebook account of Jim Turner of Pine Knoll Shores, NC

This is Jim Turner:

Jim Turner’s Home Address:

573 Coral Ridge Road
Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Jim Turner’s Home Phone Number:


Even worse, Mr. Turner is in charge of voter registration in his precinct

Via The Examiner:

A North Carolina man claims to have voted multiple times at multiple places for Barack Obama, Barracuda Brigade reported Friday. According to the blog post, Jim Turner wrote on Facebook that he had voted at least four times in four different precincts and intends to vote a fifth time at his home precinct in Pine Knoll Shores.

“I have voted once in Beaufort, once in Henderson, twice in Emerald Isle and will vote in my precinct in PKS,” he reportedly wrote on a friend’s Facebook page. “I will do whatever it takes to save our country from the world envisioned by Mitt and his fear mongering followers,” he added.

The post was removed after being discovered, but a screenshot of the post can be seen at the Barracuda Brigade.

According to the Facebook page referenced by Barracuda Brigade, Turner was born in 1943 and is now retired.

“The timing was great for me to retire after 30 years with the NCESC so we headed to the coast. We are both retired now but are active in our franchise businesses, with community and church activities and with our grandchildren,” he wrote on his page.

Turner claims on Facebook that his comment was removed as part of a conspiracy.

“I posted a comment to Jami’s page earlier today and it now lives in cybersomewhere. I can’t seem to get with the whole facebook thing. I made bold comment on the future of my grandchildren under a Romney presidency and now it is gone. I think my comments were deleted as part of a conspiracy inspired by some who see our national glass as half empty,” he wrote.

On Saturday, a blog post at One Man’s Heart said that local authorities and the FBI’s field office in North Carolina have been contacted.

“They were more than a bit interested in hearing more,” the post said. “I have forwarded all the information and they’ll be pursuing it diligently.”

This would not be the first time North Carolina voters have cast multiple ballots for Barack Obama.

In August 2011, we reported that three North Carolina Democrats voted for Barack Obama twice in the 2008 election.

We reached out to Mr. Turner for comment, but he has not responded as of this writing.

This is a developing story. Updates will be posted as they are available.

Update: In a telephone call with Alicia Fix Luke of Barracuda Brigade, Turner’s wife confirmed that he posted the message but claimed that he really didn’t vote multiple times. According to Luke, she was “really rude” and hung up on her.


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